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How to Be a Life Coach

life-coachingThere are people who may have everything they have in life but are still not happy and feel like they are missing something big. There are also many who can’t seem to figure out what they want in life and are stuck without any signs of moving forward. These people may greatly benefit from life coaching. What is life coaching? To answer this, we can list what a life coach does. A life coach will help a person uncover his potentials that are just waiting to be unleashed. A life coach will normally help you clear out your goals to achieve that fulfilling career and a happy and balanced life in general. He will help you be more in touch with your inner self as well as with people around you who matter.

Why do people need a life coach?
There are some people who need a fresh and new perspective about them; about their lives. They can’t get a friend’s opinion but someone else’s. A life coach is a great alternative. He can give unbiased view of a person. The client can also be assured that a life coach’s view is always constructive; geared toward making a person move forward and take action.

A life coach may also serve as a confidante, friend and even a therapist. They can speak with utmost sincerity and fair judgment. They are great confidence boosters too. Just think of life coaches as eager parents who would want their children to be successful and would feel proud that somehow they have been a part of that success too.

How does one start out as a life coach?
Do you think your friends benefit from your advices? Can you easily console a person by just talking to them? Has anyone ever thanked you for pushing them to strive to reach their goals? Are you full of positivity and realism? If you answered yes to all of the above-mentioned questions, you may have the qualities of a good and effective life coach.

The first step to becoming a life coach is wanting to help others achieve their goals. You must know within yourself that you want to help others and be their catalyst to be successful.

You must also have a college degree. Commonly, psychology and counseling majors are great undergraduate courses that you can take up upon entering college. Ten years ago, it would have been more than enough credential to get you some clients. However, times have changed and the market will have a lot of service providers who have PHDs and doctorate degrees so you might also want to increase your chances of besting the competitors. There are universities that offer coaching programs just like Harvard and Yale to name a couple.

The crucial step is getting certified. Whether you are a graduate of a life-coaching related major, an undergraduate of any course or even a high school graduate, you will definitely need a life coach certification so clients will take you seriously. The International Coaching Federation (ICF) and International Association of Coaching (IAC) have partnered with various universities and colleges for coaching programs that you can take. Make sure that the school you are enrolling with has accreditation from one of these two organizations. If not, there is a good chance that you just are being scammed. After completion of a life coaching program with certification from the ICF or IAF, you are basically good to go.

What to do next after getting a life coach certification?
You would need some training before doing the real thing so it’s best to attend seminars and life coach training events. Through these activities, you will meet a lot of people that may become part of your own network. You can pick up some advice from highly-experienced life coaches that you can also apply in your practice. There are also life coaching online events and programs that you can join. A simple search for “online life coaching” will get you several hits on the web. You can also try to connect with people who are known in the field of life coaching. This will prove to be very useful in the future when you find clients.

How to sell your life coaching services better?
Aside from attending life coaching training and seminars, you may also want to be mentored by an established life coach. This will greatly help you when you start selling your services. Your network of people and connections will help determine your success in this field.

You may also list your services online. There are life-coaching directories that allow you to list your services free of charge. There are also premium directories that will sell your services online better than those free ones but they require payment. Making use of both is highly recommended.
Practice life coaching. You can start with mock up life coaching sessions with your friends or relatives. This will make your feel more comfortable about coaching clients. When you are confident and think you are ready, you can start looking for real clients.

Get a website where you can advertise your services at a minimum cost. This is also the best place where you can tell clients about yourself; how to contact you, what your credentials are and more. Your website can serve as your customer service desk which is functional 24/7.